Traveller Alex and trip to Krakow

Have you ever heard about young traveller and photographer Alex Kiňová? She is from Bratislava. We met about a year ago and she invited me for a trip to Krakow.

Photo 01 - Traveller Alex and trip to Krakow


Alex Kiňová – photographer. You can find her work on website or on FB/AlexKinovaPhotography.

I got captivated by her work about a year ago. I wrote her and we started talking. We clicked from the very first moment. We talked not just about photography, but about real life too.



Alex is big traveller. When we met she lived few months in Barcelona. She even took pictures there. Later she tried Krakow, where she invited me. I didn’t hesitated. I have been packed at the end of September, ready to travel – destination Krakow.

She welcomed me with open arms and sushi. It was nice to see her. We made relaxing week for ourselves and roamed Krakow. I ate pies from one nice old lady. They were made in different ways and tasted fantastic. But enough about food.



After hearty lunch we walked around the city. I don’t shoot architecture or landscapes on my holidays much. That is very challenging field which requires devotion. I picked just few shots, so you can have an idea how did it look like there.



My passion is portraits of course. That‘s why there can’t be missing pictures of Alex doing her favourite thing. Enjoying her coffee in coffee shop or at home. Tranquility is radiating from them. What do you think?


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