How I took pictures first time at home in my living room

5. 06. 2015

How I first time realized that I want to devote myself to photography, especially doing portraits? Have a look how it looked like that time. My very first shooting…

Photo 5 - Shooting for the first time, at home in living room


Do you remember the day when you tried something for the first time or when you achieved something? I don’t think you could forget that amazing feeling.

Photoclub IRIS organized exhibition FoTTofest in city amphitheatre of Trnava. It happened on a sunny day around two years ago. I came to see exhibited photographs. They showed work of young, talented and starting artists. I got excited at the thought of doing portrait photography myself.



When I came home I called my sister. We made a deal, that she will pose for me as a model in front of my lens and new flashing lights purchased on eBay.

She did not hesitate and came.

That time I couldn´t even dream about the studio. I had one small grey linen placed in the middle of the living room. That was enough for my creative riot. My sister brought a lot of clothes, so I wrapped her into them.

We spent together approximately six hours and made a lot of pictures. When I processed them I could not take my eyes away from them. Have a look for yourself.


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Gallery – Shooting for the first time, at home in living room



This is how my trip to the endless discovery about the beauty of the photography and artistic portraits started. What do you say? Do you still remember your “first time”?

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