How to get perfect makeup for your photo shoot?

5. 06. 2016

Choosing the right make-up is part of everyday life for every woman. If it comes to the photo shoot or make-up for every day, we are women after all and we want to be attractive, look natural and comfortable.

Photo 03 - How to get perfect makeup for your photo shoot


I have taken photos of different make-up styles. I had help in professional cosmetician Natália who applied make-up on model Sasha.


When doing artistic portraits it is important to have good cosmetician who can choose the right make-up for the given woman. Who has cosmetics and knows different methods of make-up application. Who has experience and participated in cosmetician courses.



I, as a photographer don´t have enough knowledge and experience when it comes make-up.

When making photos choice of make-up is very important. Don´t be afraid using services of a cosmetician. You won´t regret!

On the pictures, you can see the model with different types of make-up. It is unbelievable how our model Sasha always looks differently.






Make-up can do wonders. The right combination of colors is the success for the healthy looking, shiny and compact skin for every self-confident woman.


Which type of day or night make-up suits you the best? Would you like to try how it feels like to be femme fatale or gorgeous diva? Bring cosmetician to your photo shoot.


signature - Lucy Grossmann


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