Do you want nice photos of your kids? Get inspired how to take pictures of them.

12. 01. 2017

How to take pictures of your kids? A lot of parents ask this question. That is why I have decided to write an article where I share some tips about how to get ready for a photo shoot of children.

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Pictures of our children are the most valuable we have and we keep them for many years. Captured pictures are priceless reminders of unrepeatable moments for parents. Pictures of your children or capturing memories of their childhood is the most beautiful thing you can do for your children.


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Taking pictures of children requires a lot of patience, from the photographer and from parents too. Kids are restless, they are looking for fun, they need attention. It is hard to capture the right moment in the right time. A big role in this has the photographer´s creativity, humanity, accuracy, and quickness as well as the timing.

Taking pictures of children is not the same for each age group. Each requires a different approach from the photographer.


Pictures of children in different age




The ideal time for taking pictures of newborn babies are the first two at most three weeks from the birth. In the first weeks the baby is tired and sleeping, so the shooting occurs in a comfortable quiet atmosphere for the best at home.

We have to keep in mind that photo shoot with a photographer can take from two to five hours. In this time we feed, change nappies and tuck in kids for sleep, it is not just about the photo shoot. It is important to follow their routine. Especially the feeding and sleeping time. Its for the best if the baby eats before the photographer arrives. With that, you make a condition where the child sleeps and can be photographed.




Three to four months

Photo shoot at this age is a little bit more complicated. Babies cry more and you have to be more careful. But this is the time for taking pictures of beautiful unexpected moments. The baby starts lifting its head, laughs or reacts to your voice. Good time to capture beautiful and unrepeatable memories.

For outfits, I recommend simple colors and patterns. Without imprints and inscriptions. Exceptions are funny inscriptions which describe your child and will make you laugh in the future. Try to avoid sharp and bright colors, which would take away the focus from your child and we don´t want that. Rather chose neutral pastel colors as light yellow, green, light blue, navy blue, beige, white and other. We apply here the well-known saying: that the true beauty is in the simplicity.




Six to eight months

For a child, this is a very important phase in their life. It starts discovering the world around. It is a great time to take photographs, it learns how to sit, smiles more, reacts to his name and for other inputs around. Bring with yourself its favorite toys so you can entertain your child during the photo shoot. The outfits should be chosen as for the 3-4-month-old children. (Read above)




First to the third year

The child starts walking, keeps its balance. In this time there are first signs of defiance. The child wants everything “his/hers way”. If they don’t get it they start yelling and screaming for attention.

The photo shoot is done with fun and playfully. The best solution for a photo shoot for fidgety and restless kids is in the garden, park or in nature. Don’t try to pose your children into unnatural poses. They will sense it and you will get exactly the opposite of your first intention.

It is very important to keep contact between parents and children during the whole photo shoot. We can take a portrait of the child itself, but also together with parents. Here you have to think about styling the outfits together. Color and style wise too. You can wear different knitted or crocheted sweaters, pants, jeans with suspenders, small coats, vests, dresses with simple imprint nothing with distracting inscription or pictures.




Four, six years old or above

There are signs of the children´s personality by now and it must be shown on the photographs. In this age, the child is able to communicate with the photographer. We can talk to them, we can establish comfortable atmosphere by a friendly conversation. Trust is needed to achieve natural and relaxed poses what will make the picture more valuable.

Photo shoot can take place in the atelier or outside in exterior. Suitable are parks, meadows, open spaces. I recommend avoiding playgrounds where the surrounding is distracting for the child and it will be hard to take pictures in the right moment.

The outfit should be simple too, but you can use different accessories. For girls pastel colored skirts, headbands with flowers, for boys hats, all kinds of one colored or striped shirts and so on.





Start now

Capturing memories of their childhood is the most beautiful thing you can do for your children.

I really like to go back to my old pictures, into the time when life was so easy. A Beautiful childhood spent playing with my brother, sister, making and discovering new friendships and so much more. These moments captured in the moment which won’t repeat itself have great importance for us. They bring peace for our souls.

Pictures from childhood make me convinced that life is full of moments which are worthy of capturing. Pictures of children which makes us forget everything bad.


This article has been published on blog of Denník N


I hope these tips will help you to get ready for your family photo session or for a photo shoot of your children.


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