Taking pictures for family album

5. 12. 2015

Capturing family life is a hard task for every photographer. You have to engage the family in something they like to do. Just like that, it´s possible to make memories at the right moment.

Photo 14 - Taking pictures for family album


While making beautiful artistic family pictures the key is communication.

The base is a good preparation. Without knowing their ideas, hobbies or interests it is impossible to transfer their personalities into the pictures. Also, it shows on photographs if you trust your photographer. Believe me!

Look at photographs which can´t be missing from family albums, Beautiful day showing family happiness and comfort. The impulse for this shooting was the first birthday of their baby son.







I wish a lot of happiness and joy to the family, but a mostly lot of years spent together.


What do you say about this family? What are your hobbies and how would you transfer them into your pictures?


signature - Lucy Grossmann


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