Sunny late afternoon with Martina by the water

7. 03. 2016

Fresh morning sun. Amazingly smelling morning coffee on the balcony and thinking about the new project. I like this idea.

Photo 10 - Sunny late afternoon with Martina by the water


August. I have never made portraits in water before. I´m thrilled with this idea. I have been thinking about how to organize shooting like this. Martina came into my mind, with whom I have had photo shoot earlier in the studio. Do you remember?


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Gallery – Martina and her transformations


Ginger girl with a sparkle in her eyes. Clear choice. After making arrangements with her we went to the lakes in Senec.

I´m sure you know it. Refreshment by the water after long hot day. We combined it with making artistic portraits. It was great fun.



I have to tell you that shooting in nature is increasingly alluring. What kind of concept will I come up with during upcoming summer? Try to suggest something and write a comment below. I will be happy to read your reactions.


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