Shooting for the first time, at home in living room

7. 07. 2015

My very first shooting with my sister at home. Have a look how it looked like for the first time…

Photo 1 - Shooting for the first time, at home in living room


That time I did not even dreamt about a studio. I had one small grey linen placed in the middle of the living room. Flashing lights bought via eBay. I had my sister as a model in front of the lenses. That is how my very first shooting looked like…



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Blog – How I took pictures first time at home in my living room


My sister brought a lot of clothes with herself, so I simply wrapped her into them. We spent together approximately six hours and made a lot of pictures. After processing them, I could not take my eyes away from them. Those big captivating eyes and freckles. Judge for yourself.



What do you say to the pictures? Not bad for the first time, right? Please write me how the photographs affected you.


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