Portraits in Prague with Dominika

30. 03. 2016

Prague offers an immense amount of beautiful and photogenic places. Whether you look for portraits in nature or in urban surroundings, in Prague you will always find a fitting and interesting place.

Photo 05 - Portraits in Prague with Dominika


Nice weather and relaxing atmosphere. Interesting surrounding to that. This is how shooting portraits in Prague with Dominika started.

I´m sure that you will agree with me, that in summer, during hot days river Vltava in Prague is an exactly interesting place like that. I don´t know better feeling than to spend the day near water. In addition to that doing my favorite activity – shooting.

While drinking iced coffee and chatting we decided with Dominika to walk across the Železničný most and then along the Vltava. We made few pictures on the bridge because the sun was setting down slowly and beautifully.



We were walking on the other side of the bridge along the Vltava and we were looking for a place for a photoshoot. We found one beach with free access to the water. The Vltava was not really warm, but refreshing after long hot day in August.

I have been knee deep in the water and Dominika was wet from her head to toe. But that is what you have to go through if you want interesting photos.



You just have to hang in there and go through some stuff. I think it was worth it for Dominika. At the end you can see it with your own eyes, portraits and photos we took while having fun.


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