Little princess Melany

26. 11. 2015

At the beginning, little princess Melany was not in the mood for taking photos. Later, though, she sat down on a basket and started showing off her childish joy and antics.

Photo 08 - little princess Melany


Taking pictures of children is one of the most beautiful and most emotional moments in my photographic work. Children are very active creatures and one must have a lot of patience when trying to capture emotions on their faces. You have to be ready and as quick as possible to capture the right moments.

It was the same this time too. Mom Petra prepared everything perfectly. She brought plaited basket, a bouquet of flowers and of course beautiful dresses for her daughter Melany. At the beginning, the little princess was not in the mood for photo-shoot, so we let the time flow…

Suddenly it happened. Melany sat down on the basket by herself and started showing off her childish joy and antics.



Let the children be, don´t push them and they will ask for your attention themselves.

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