Little ginger mischiefs Marek and Martin

28. 01. 2016

Marek and Martin, two ginger mischiefs. Do you think that they are interesting? Different and standing out at first sight? This is how the two ginger siblings I have been taking pictures of look like.

Photo 15 - Little ginger mischiefs Marek and Martin


I like to look for the expressive type of people with different hair color…meaning ginger.

A Little while ago I had a chance to take pictures of two little boys like this. I have been studying their behavior in front of the camera and also their expression during different situations they were involved in. For my surprise they were not shy, they were very relaxed and easy going.

After all have a look yourself. Check out the pictures and see how the final outcome looks like and what these two ginger mischiefs coined.







Do you know similar people in your neighborhood? Let us know about them, show them off.


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