Lenka, Jakub and … the baby bump

15. 04. 2016

Lenka and Jakub as expecting parents. This nice couple is in full excitement. They are expecting their little daughter Sofia.

Photo 06 - Lenka, Jakub and ... the baby bump


When we were discussing with Lenka and Jakub where to shoot, I made a suggestion that we should do it in their home. In the home atmosphere, where they spend most of their free time is the best place to capture the wonderful moments of waiting for baby Sofia.

Surroundings, even if domestic or any other, is the base for good photographs. Photos, where we can sense it is really you. It is important for you to feel comfortable and good.






When shooting in the studio you have to know what you want to capture. Find out the concept and planning it thoroughly. Lenka and Jakub, soon to be parents, had a clear idea. They wanted a simple picture with some cartoon motive.

We used what represents them the best and what they like. They both love travelling and they are fascinated by interesting and captivating stories written in books. And the photo was taken :)



What do you say? Do you like the pictures telling your stories? Looking forward to your feedback.


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