Evitta – ethereal redhead

8. 12. 2015

I met this beautiful redhead through a modeling agency. When she arrived there was something radiating from her…I could not take my eyes off her. Just look at her natural beauty.

Photo 14 - Evitta - ethereal redhead


Eva alias Evitta – beautiful ginger girl. We met through a modeling agency. When Evitta came for the shooting, I could not take my eyes off her. She was radiating with natural beauty. She was a sight to see.

I could not stop myself while shooting. After all making portraits of ginger people is my soft spot. And not just that. Also, the persons must have strong personality radiating from them. And Eva had it all.



The shooting took place in our studio. We tried different themes. Diadem from flowers, simple clothing. Exactly these simple portraits can elicit good feelings from people. Maybe sometimes even mystical. After all judge for yourself what effect pictures like this evoke in you.



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Blog – Ginger Angel in winter robe


I´m thankful to destiny for meeting with such a kind person as Eva is. Surely this was not our last shooting.


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