How we build our first studio

7. 07. 2015

Every photographer is dreaming about having his/hers own studio. Private place, where they could invite their clients and where they could be creative all they long.

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If you have ever had to look for sublet, then you will agree with me that finding the right premises in a good location for a good price and with good terms for both parties is not always easy.

We succeeded. After two months of searching, premises in an old malt-house in Trnava caught our eye.



In the past it was used as bar or pub, it was pretty neglected. However, it had big potential for a reasonable price.

There was nothing left for us just to start the reconstruction. Air out the dust, throw out old and dirty things, paint the walls and repair everything that was broken….we had fun for few months.



But we did not give up! It was hard and tiring, but it is worth of all that painful work. Would not change it for the world.


I´m glad that I can show you place which we build up without help.


signature - Martin Lackovič


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