Business conditions

Following business, conditions apply for every service and related products.


1. Basic regulations

(1.1) These general business conditions amends rights and obligations of the contracting parties sequent to the contract of work (Agreement about creating work and its use) made between the seller and the customer.

(1.2) The seller is GLAF, s.r.o. company with a residency at Zelenečská 61, 917 Trnava, company registration number: 47 539 526, registered in Obchodný register Okresného súdu Trnava, oddiel Sro, vložka č. 33376/T.


2. Ordering

(2.1) The customer orders services or products offered by the seller on the basis of the contract for work, or by filling in the electronic order form.

(2.2) The contract for work or sent electronic order is binding, giving the customer and the seller rights and obligations towards each other, i.e. seller is obligated to grant the customer the ordered services or products and the customer are obligated to pay the cash value.

(2.3) The customer by signing the contract or by sending the order form confirms that he/she is informed about business conditions of GLAF, s.r.o. on websites and he/she agrees with them. These business conditions are inseparable part of the contract which comes into being by filling in and sending the order form

(2.4) The contract is valid since it is signed by both contracting parties or when the order is accepted.


3. Price and terms of payment

(3.1) The price of the services and products are specified by the seller. The seller will inform the customer about the current price before delivering the contract. Price is specified in accordance with the individual demand of the customer based on calculations of the method of the execution, used material, difficulty or installation. The agreed price is always with VAT, so it is the final price.

(3.2) Payment for services rendered or products will be paid by transfer to the bank account of the seller.

(3.3) The customer is obligated to accept the object of the contract in agreed time and on address stated in the contract or order form, in some cases at other agreed place. After obtaining the customer is obligated to check physical intactness and inclusiveness of the contract object. If the contract object is visibly damaged or destroyed, the customer is obligated not to accept the product and contact the seller immediately.

(3.4) The customer gets owner rights to the object of the contract by paying the full price and other financial compliances agreed upon with the seller if it is not stated otherwise in the contract.


4. Delivery

(4.1) The term for delivery is different for every offered service or product, depending on the difficulty of their completion or execution. Effectual date of delivered service or product will be given to the customer at contract signing or order reception.

(4.2) In general term of delivery is up to 30 working days since the fulfillment of the last transaction leading to the fulfillment of the contract object if it is not stated in the contract otherwise.


5. Abandonment of contract

(5.1) Right to abandon the contract from the customer side is excluded considering that offered services or products are executed accordingly to the customer requirements and they were adjusted exclusively for their personal need or it has electronic content.

(5.2) Customer loses the right to abandon the contract according to law n. 102/2014 Z.z. § 7 ods. 6.

(5.3) The seller is entitled to abandon the contract if the object of the contract can´t be executed namely because the price given to the customer has been demonstrably incorrect or the customer fails to provide needed cooperation for the fulfillment of the contract object.


6. Accountability for the content

(6.1) Web sites of the seller can be updated without prior notice and services or products can be anytime changed without prior notice.

(6.2) The seller has the interest to give space for cultivated, inspiring and none violent communication between persons with the intention to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

(6.3) By publishing articles and comments in discussions the user is giving permission to publish these comments and articles or their parts on the seller´s internet web sites and gives permission to their propagation via electronic communication networks (mostly via the internet).

(6.4) The user has no right to author´s fee or commission for the published articles or comments.

(6.5) The seller as the service administrator reserves the right to interfere with the discussion, to delete comments or block user account if their actions are against polite and on the topic discussion and harassing the other users.

(6.6) If the user doesn’t agree with aforementioned rules, he/she is not allowed to use our communication services, especially to contribute to the discussion.


7. Privacy policy

(7.1) The customer specifically agrees with processing his/hers personal data which are crucial for the realization of the contract object (order) also as for identification.

(7.2) The seller, company GLAF, s.r.o. is committing to fully respect the confidential character of the personal information which is secured against unauthorized access and secured from misusage.

(7.3) Personal information and data are stored in the database with strict security against misusage and are not given to any third parties.

(7.4) The customer agrees with getting promotional and marketing information about upcoming events and offers to their e-mail address.

(7.5) If the customer doesn’t agree with getting information to their e-mail address, they can unsubscribe from the feed by the help of a link at the end of each e-mail message.


8. Final regulations

(8.1) These business conditions obtain effectivity on 01. 01. 2016. The seller reserves the right to change conditions without prior notice.