Behind the scene, how we took photographs of expecting Monika

4. 10. 2016

Do you want to see how were the photos of Monika taken? Have a look behind the scenes, how we took pictures during sunset in a small scenic village called Kuchyňa in Záhorie.

Photo 01 - How we took photographs of expecting Monika


Have a look at how we spent the beautiful sunny afternoon in the picturesque village Kuchyňa in Záhorie. Together with Monika we ended up at a place, you must have heard about. It is called “Bobria hrádza”, it is an educational and fairy tale trail around Kuchyňa’s water reservoir.



Taking pictures is real fun if we agreed on the theme and the place beforehand. There is no stress and we can focus on telling the story about who you really are.


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Expecting Monika and the magical sunset in Záhorie


Are you interested in a photo shoot like this? Do you want to have a day full of fun just for yourself? Write your ideas into comments and maybe something unexpected will happen… Speak up.


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