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Our story, or how we started with professional photography


At the beginning photography has been just fun for us, our hobby. It all started with a purchase of the first reflex camera. We discovered and learned the first settings, scenes, everything that you can adjust on camera and mostly what you can create with it. Through various reports from holidays, photographing nature we ended up here… making portraits. We gained more and new experiences until photography became our everyday work.


Lucy and Lacko - our real life story


We started with professional work in 2013. Founded company GLAF, s.r.o. residing in Trnava. We felt the need to move forward. So, we started looking for some place where we could create our own studio. In an old building of malt house in Trnava, we reconstructed premises on more than 80 square meters by ourselves and build our first studio.

It was just fun at the beginning, now we have our own studio.

They say, better to see something once than hear about it hundred times. Come and see for your own eyes what we have achieved. Our studio is at your disposal to catch the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of your life. Besides that, you can enjoy a cup of great coffee or tea.


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For whom are our services meant?

For everyone… young and creative people who are not afraid to invest time and money into themselves. For people, who are looking for something more than to stand in front of a photographer and stare into the camera. We are here for everyone who don´t take photography too seriously and are willing to let go of stereotypes = learned and meaningless poses. If you can accept the fact that you will look on the pictures exactly the way you are, then we will create an interesting result. And we will have fun doing it.



What can you find on our website?

Our vision is to show everyone who is interested that making pictures with a photographer is fun. Give your pictures a story which will tell, who you are and how you live.



In our blog articles, you will find interesting facts from the world of photography. See for yourself and discover news, backstage pictures, manuals, tutorials, tips and tricks for photo shoots.

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Five basic steps

Right now go through five basic steps which photographer Lucy Grossmann made for you for free. You will learn practical tips and get advice how photo shoot looks like and what is necessary to bring. How to do your makeup, which kind to chose. What to wear for a photo shoot and what is totally unnecessary.




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Let people know about you and tell your story. Share your ideas on the path to perfect pictures which will amaze your community. It´s enough to choose from services we offer or fill in a contact form and we will get back to you. Our e-mail address is:



Who we really are?

Found out yourselves who we really are. The internet is like a virtual word, where people can wear masks and pretend. We would love if you get to know us as real people.


Lucy Grossmann (photographer)

Lucy Grossmann - profile photoI´m from small city Trnava. I have never studied photography at school, but with small steps, I found my way to it. Always new experiences, information, learning. All that brought me here on the path to photography. I want to put into pictures life, show a story which will tell who you are and what you do.

Lacko (web designer)

Lacko - profile photoAs little boy, I have been also interested in computers and I liked to play games on my computer. That is why I decided after finishing high school study information technology. I founded together with Lucy project, oriented on photography. My responsibilities are technical things, but also, I will show you life and work of a photographer.